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Summer Denim Shorts Try On

Summer Denim Shorts Try On

Denim shorts - a classic summer closet staple, but difficult to shop for…

…at least in my opinion! As a curvy gal, denim can be tough all around for me. Denim shorts are no exception! For my fellow curvy gals, I thought it would be fun to purchase and try on a ton of shorts for you. I, personally, love seeing try on videos with women of similar body size/shape, so hopefully this will help you on your denim shorts shopping journey this summer.

When it comes to shorts there are three main things I am looking for…

  1. High rise waist

  2. Comfort

  3. Length

I purchased shorts from 5 different big name stores in multiple sizes. If you don’t have any of these stores near you, they do ship and most, if not all, offer free shipping and returns. I encourage you to take advantage of that! Here’s a list of the shorts I purchased to try on.

American Eagle

curvy super hi-rise shortie // next level curvy super high waisted short short


the perfect jean short // high-rise denim shorts

Nordstrom Rack

democracy “ab” technology short (these come in plus size too)


wild fable high rise deconstructed mom jean short - medium blue // wild fable high rise deconstructed mom jean short - black // universal thread mid rise boyfriend jean shorts // universal thread mid rise raw hem boyfriend jean shorts // universal thread high rise cuffed roasted brown short

Old navy

high-rise secret slim pockets - light wash // high-rise secret slim pockets - black // high-rise secret slim pockets - dark wash

I chose this mix of five stores because I wanted to include a wide variety of price points. Target’s Universal Thread line reminds me so much of Madewell, so I think if you want the look of Madewell, the UV line is a great alternative at a lower price point. The same thing goes for American Eagle and Old Navy.

Overall I didn’t hate any of the shorts, but my least favorite were the Madewell Perfect Denim Short and the Wild Fable Deconstructed Mom Jean in Medium blue. Those were a bit too short and weren’t as comfortable.

To see how each of the shorts looked on me and to hear my honest thoughts/ my favorites, check out the video below. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Also, if you have had any luck with any other short brands, let me know. I’d love to try those as well.

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