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Outdoor Design Plans

Outdoor Design Plans

We’ve been waiting so long, but it’s finally time to decorate our backyard!

We’ve been doing quite a few home renovations, in and outside of our home, but like a lot of places in the U.S. there isn’t a ton of time to complete everything outside until the weather calms down. It rains on and off here in the PNW until May or so, and we have finally completed most of the backyard projects enough to start thinking about decorating and enjoying it.

A little backstory, we live in the city limits in Portland, OR, so our backyard isn’t huge. We have a two car garage and a shed, with a patio in between. There’s some grass and plants we’ve been tending to over the past few years as well. The two design boards I’ve created are for inside the shed and the patio.

simple and modern design plan for she shed on livingforaged.com


The shed is about 195 square feet. The plan for the inside of the shed is to make it an outdoor dining room and mini kitchen/prep space for the grill which is just outside (we have a concrete sink and small corner counter space already built in). It is also where we store all of our garden tools, so we need to keep them hidden away neatly, hence the water proof curtains! The ceiling is made up of windows and all the walls are painted a bright white with a few small designs/accents of teak wood, so it is a very bright space. The floor is a made up of grey concrete squares and antique red bricks. It’s a fun space!

This is a look as to what I am dreaming up for the 195 square feet! We have most of these items purchased, but still have a few to gather. I’m excited to pull this space together and have our first meal out there.

Light // Dining Chair // Loveseat Bench // TV (similar to what we have) // Table (found ours on Craigslist, this one is similar) // Blanket // Waterproof Curtains // Rug // Striped Pillow // Small Rosemary Plant // Small terra cotta planter



The outside area is sandwiched between the shed and the garage. The shed and our garage have been freshly painted with a true grey color with soft white trim, and the sliding gate/ fence to our alley is a stained a warm wood color. The concrete on the ground was also just stained a really nice color called “brownstone.”

I imagine more lounging going on here. Ideally, all furniture included here can be moved in or out of the shed. Sometimes it might be nice to eat outside with the table and chairs, and lounge inside. That’s why I want to keep everything cohesive, just in case we want to switch things up. We have a really nice garden outside, so just a few potted plants here and a nice little bird feeder. It can get really sunny, so an umbrella is important for protecting my porcelain white PNW skin. :) Maybe one day we will buy add a fire pit table for those cool late summer/fall evenings!

Loveseat // Club Chairs // Bird feeder // Umbrella // Solar Path Lights // Cafe Lights // Olive tree // Meyer lemon tree // Large terra cotta planter (was gifted from a family member, this one is similar) // Coffee Table (found ours on Craigslist, this one is similar) // Lumbar Pillow // Striped Pillows

What do you guys think, do you like this plan? Hopefully over the next couple weeks I will be sharing some real life photos of how it turned out. Thanks for reading!

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