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Gift Guide: Valentine's Day Gifts to Give Yourself!

Gift Guide: Valentine's Day Gifts to Give Yourself!

The words “self care” have been thrown around a lot lately, and I truly believe in the idea of it.

It think self care looks a bit different to everyone and can come in different shapes and sizes throughout your life. For me, especially around the holidays, self care comes in the form of treating myself to something nice. It doesn’t need to be anything flashy or expensive, just a little something for me. :)

My husband and I gave up on giving each other gifts after our first year of dating (all my idea, not his). It was too stressful for me and I just couldn’t stay on top of it. Plus, I am really bad gift giver. I need lists and ideas thrown at me all of the time to even get started. My husband, on the other hand, is great at giving gifts for everyone. I STRUGGLE, which is why we just tend to buy things for ourselves when we see them, and can afford them, throughout the year.

Which brings me to our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide; Valentine’s Day Gifts to Give Yourself! All of these items can be found in our shop, Foraged Home, which makes it super convenient.

valentines day gift guide home decor items to gift yourself valentines day foragedhome.com

  1. Straw Baskets - It may not feel like it where you live, but Spring really is right around the corner! We have several different shapes and sizes of straw baskets (backpack, oval, french market and round) that are perfect to take to the grocery store now, or even the farmer’s market and beach when things start warming up. The perfect reusable bag in my opinion!

  2. Handmade Pressed Floral Journal - This beautiful journal is one of a kind with the pressed flowers and leaves on the outside. Each journal is handmade in Nepal and the paper inside has deckle edges! If journaling is your thing, or even if it isn’t, this is a lovely notebook. I am a fan of to-do lists while working and this journal makes my to-do lists look much better!

  3. Dark Grey Vases - There’s nothing more perfect to hold that bunch of red roses from your partner! Perfect for holding daffodils in the spring too. It even looks great empty and placed on an open shelf.

  4. Metal Frame - We are always on the look out for frames for our photos around the house. This metal frame comes with the jute hanger already attached. Just add your photos inside and you are all set! We currently have two different sizes - small and large. The frame pictured is our large.

  5. Velvet Pouch - This cute little pouch is perfect for just about anything! Makeup, pencils, you name it. One of our customers has even used it as a purse/clutch.

No matter what your plans are for Valentine’s Day, we hope it is a great day for you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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