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Cleaning Hair and Makeup Brushes

Cleaning Hair and Makeup Brushes

How often do you clean your hair and makeup brushes?

Don’t worry, no judgement here. In the past, I rarely cleaned them. But then one day it just clicked. “Holy moly, I am rubbing these dirty brushes all over my hair and face…everyday!” If you are a chronic acne sufferer like myself, this step should not be missed. Your face and scalp carry so much oil and bacteria it doesn’t help your skin at all to continue to rub dirty brushes all around your face.

Moving forward…if you don’t already, you should be cleaning your hair and makeup brushes at least once a week. Some people recommend cleaning them every day, but that takes some serious time. In my opinion, it all depends on how often you use them. Start by cleaning them once a week, and then determine what works best for you based on weather, makeup, oil/build-up, and acne. Add it to your Sunday night routine, or whenever you do laundry. It’s an easy thing to overlook unless you prioritize it. I clean all my brushes every Sunday and I’m going to walk you through the quick and easy steps that work for me. Check out my dirty brushes in the photo below!

how to clean hair and makeup brushes

Items You’ll Need:

glass container

glass cup

Dr. Bronner’s Soap (I like the tea tree variety)


paper towels or rag for drying

For Your Hair Brush:

  1. Clean your brush out! This can be annoying and tedious, but boy is it needed. I use a boar’s hair brush to help distribute the oil from my scalp down to the rest of my hair, and man those things can collect and build up anything and everything. Each week my brush looks super dirty, so this takes me a little time. In the photos you can see how bad it looks! I start by grabbing all of the hair that it collected out, and then I use a small tooth comb to get in between the bristles to pull out most of the build up.

  2. Put a very small amount of the Dr. Bronner’s soap into your container (this stuff is concentrated and quite potent!). Add hot water and fill 3/4 of the way. Getting the right amount of water is key because if your brush has a wooden handle, you want to keep that dry.

  3. Once your container is filled with soapy water, dunk your brush in, bristles only. Give it a good shake and let it sit for a couple minutes. No more than ten minutes, and make sure to keep the wooden handle dry.

  4. After your brush has soaked for a few minutes, lift it out of the water and discard the dirty water. Rinse the glass container and add clean water. Dunk your bristles into the clean water to fully rinse it out.

  5. Dump the water and give your brush a few taps to get a lot of the water off the bristles. Place it bristle side down on a paper towel or rag and let it dry. It will take several hours, but once it dries it will look brand new!

how to clean dirty hair and makeup brushes easy

For Your Makeup Brushes (these are my favorite make up brushes):

It’s basically the same process as above, but there are a few things to point out.

  • I use a small cup instead of a large glass container.

  • Dump and refill the water and soap after each brush you clean.

  • Be careful with the amount of water here, because if your brushes have a wooden handle like mine, it’s important to keep those dry.

  • After rinsing them (I usually just rinse under a slow stream of water in the sink for makeup brushes), lay them out to dry on a paper towel or rag. Also, give them a few quick swipes on the rag to help remove excess water. Let them dry.

Your brushes will look brand new and will stay looking great if you continue to do this each week!

how to clean makeup and hair brushes on livingforaged.com

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