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5 Things: Recipes I'm Loving Right Now

5 Things: Recipes I'm Loving Right Now

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do more is write here! I have so many ideas and thoughts about how Foraged Home should be (and will be in the future!) and one of them involves the journal!

I truly enjoy sharing my thoughts and writing them all down in one spot for you to read and gather information and inspiration for your home.

This first idea is a pretty simple one - a “5 Things” series. It’s pretty straightforward, but I like the idea of sharing “5 Things” at a time about a particular topic. Whether it be recipes, paint colors, home decor tips, etc. I think it’s a pretty fun and concise way to share information. Let’s dive in to our very first 5 Things post…

It’s that time of year (my favorite time of year!)…autumn. And if you think anything like me, autumn means COMFORT FOOD. I’m by no means a food blogger, and I do not have my own recipes for much, but I thought it would be nice to share 5 simple and delicious recipes with you that I have found, made and loved. They are not super complex and in my opinion really embody the seasonal goodies that this time of year offers. Enjoy!

Note: Click on the name of the dish to visit the recipe on the blog I found it on. In future recipe posts I will share a photo of my own so you can envision the dish.

Baked good:

Chocolate chip pumpkin bread

We made these into muffins the first time! Use the same recipe, divide into muffin tins and bake. They baked for about 15 mins, but keep an eye on them. Another tip: fill the muffins cups up pretty far, they are pretty dense muffins and won’t rise a ton!

Main dish:

Taco grilled cheese

I mean, does this really need an explanation. Gather up that leftover taco meat and bread before it goes stale and MAKE THIS!

Apple glazed pork tenderloin and carrots with roasted garlic mashed potatoes

This is a full meal right here. Probably the most complicated of the 5 (it has all the components of a full meal though), but so worth it. Make this and have it for a special meal, or any day of the week. It is divine!

Side dish:

Garlic butter rice

I am always looking for tastier side dishes and I think this fits the bill. Real delicious and easy. A simple way to spice up any simple chicken/veggie combo meal.


Pork carnitas

These are so, so good. When you look at it after making it, it looks like it could be bland, but it isn’t at all. FULL of flavor and yummy juices after hanging out in the crock pot all day. :)

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