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5 Things: Easy, Fast and Delicious Weeknight Meals We Love

5 Things: Easy, Fast and Delicious Weeknight Meals We Love

We love food and we love cooking from home. It’s something I enjoy doing alone, and also enjoy doing with my husband when he can join in too!

It’s definitely fun to go out to eat, but for a picky eater like me it can be difficult sometimes. Are there any other adult picky eaters out there?! :) Both my husband and I HATE onions, so that can be a tough one to avoid. Onions are in everything!

Here are our go to, top 5 easy weeknight meals that we love. These 5 are in and out of rotation for us constantly, and I think that once you try them, you will be hooked too! I picked these 5 because they are delicious, really easy to make and don’t require a ton of ingredients. Most take less than 30 minutes to make! Click on the title of each of the meal suggestions and it will take you directly to the recipe.

  1. TACOS (More-so, our favorite homemade taco seasoning recipe)

    I think in most households, tacos are a staple. So… this probably isn’t a shocker to you, because we, like most people, love tacos too! The one thing that I do love to do is make my own taco seasoning though. It is SUPER easy and I make a large batch to keep around in a glass jar for whenever we need it. This recipe has the best flavor out of all of the homemade recipes we’ve tried., and we have tried a ton. I’ve used this seasoning on ground beef, ground turkey, and ground chicken. It works well with it all! I normally add at least 2 tbsp of this seasoning and somewhere around 1/2-3/4 cup of water after browning your meat and let it simmer for 5 minutes or so.


    Ever get tired of having tacos for leftovers after you just ate the exact same meal the night before? Okay, well me neither, but there are some people that like to mix up what they do with their leftovers. I saw this made on The Chew awhile ago and knew this one would be good. Make this recipe with your leftover taco recipe! It’s really simple and straightforward, plus it makes your leftovers a bit more exciting.


    This is so easy and so flavorful. This is by far our favorite way to eat chicken. The recipe calls for chicken thighs, which we have done before; but, we find ourselves more often than not replacing the thighs with chicken breasts because that is what we normally have around the house. Both are delicious! We pair it with some veggies and or rice/pasta. Don’t forget to use that leftover butter sauce to drizzle over your chosen side dish. It is too good to be wasted!


    This is one of my husband’s favorite. It can be spicy, but you are in control of how much spice you put in, which is nice. The recipe is super quick too! We pair it with quinoa just like the recipe suggests, but we also add in a veggie too…broccoli or zucchini are two of our favorites.


    This is probably my husband’s favorite. I mean, what is better than noodles in a delicious spicy and sweet saucy? When I say this is on the weekly menu he gets pretty excited about it! This is another recipe that you can control your spice level. I like some spice, but not a ton, so I normally take precautions. My husband is a huge fan of spice and will normally add more sriracha to his own portions. This particular recipe is vegetarian, but sometimes we add is some pre-cooked chicken if we have leftover chicken (a rotisserie chicken would work well in this).

For more of our favorite recipes, head to our Pinterest board - “Recipes Tried & Approved.” This board is full of recipes that we have made and love! We keep them all on a Pinterest board and each week as we try new things, we add new pins to the board.

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