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Books to Read this Winter

Books to Read this Winter

My journey with reading has come a long way.

I remember hating to read when I was in school and was forced to read novels and textbooks that had no interest to me. College came along and I felt the same way about books, and then towards the end of college I noticed a shift in my thoughts. Did I actually like reading when I was able to choose the books I wanted to read? Turns out, I did! Kind of weird how that happens, huh?

I really believe that anyone can get into reading /books if they just find the right book for them. All it takes is one good book and then you’re hooked! Sure, it takes time to research, find and begin reading books, only to find out that you don’t like it; but, once you find what you enjoy reading, it can be a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. We all need a break from our TV and phone screens, so why not snuggle up with your favorite blanket and get lost in an interesting book?

This winter, that’s what I plan on doing! Here were are, January 1st and I know a lot of you are making goals for the year and resetting yourselves. Over here, we aren’t really doing much of that, so I thought it would be nice to share another round of our newest series “5 Things,” this time featuring 5 books I’ve read recently and really enjoyed.

You read above that I was never into reading growing up and just recently started getting into it. If you follow me on social media, you already get a glimpse into the type of everyday things I like, my aesthetic/vibe and personality. All of these areas are helpful, in my opinion, before you take my recommendations on books. I like books that are easy to read, plots I can get lost in and overall just light and fun books, with the occasional crime/murder mystery. My top 5 favorite TV shows are, in no particular order, Downton Abbey, Turn, Project Runway, Gilmore Girls , and Law and Order: SVU. Hopefully that helps give you an idea of the type of things I like so you can fully understand my recommendations.

Whether you plan on adding “reading more” to your New Year’s resolutions, or you just want to get lost in a new book, here is glimpse into what I’ve enjoyed reading lately…

i hate everyone except you clinton kelly

I read I Hate Everyone, Except You in less than 24 hours. It’s not an extremely long book, but that goes to show how much I loved this one. It’s easy to read, hilarious, and if you have been a fan of Clinton Kelly for years, you will love it. Each chapter is a different story from his life and are truly entertaining and interesting. I highly recommend this one if you need a good laugh!

not perfect elizabeth laban

I stumbled Not Perfect at the library one day and thought I would give it a shot. It seemed interesting enough, so why not? Turns out, it was a pretty good read! The first chapter or two were kind of slow, which I’ve found is normal for books, but then it picks up. It’s an extremely easy read with a decent plot about a mother of 2 having to do what she needs to do to get by. Let’s just say, she wasn’t perfect by any means!

the butchers daughter victoria glendinning

The Butcher’s Daughter was another one of those books I just stumbled upon at the library. A bit heavy or deep for me since I like the light and easy reads, but it really was a good book. The chapters are reeeeeaaallly long, but are broken up a bit, so that helps. The first few chapters were tough for me, I took a break for a couple days after reading the first two, not sure if I would even finish, but it turned out to be very interesting book. It takes place in the 1500s following the main character, Agnes, a butcher’s daughter. She becomes a nun, and then the story follows her travels and adventures through the years, it gets a bet dark at times!

little beach street bakery from jenny colgan

The Little Beach Street Bakery is a super easy and light read! I’ve seen a ton of books by Jenny Colgan all over, so I decided to dive in with this one. I enjoy baking, so it seemed like a nice simple, lighthearted start. I also love all things about the UK and this story takes place in a small Cornish town, which in my mind is just the cutest little town. The main character finds herself down on her luck, but then finds a new passion and dream in baking. It was a fun read!

little beach street bakery jenny colgan

Did I mention I love crime shows? It all probably started when I was younger and would watch CSI with my parents. This is a good book if you love crime stories and mysteries! The movie came out recently, which was just okay. I definitely recommend reading the book first. The Girl on the Train is another book based in the UK, which I love, and is quite thrilling. I’m not a fan of horror books or movies, so this isn’t one of those. The main character takes the same London tube train everyday and sees what she thinks to be “a perfect couple” everyday on their balcony on her ride in. Turns out she ends up seeing something that might be helpful to police, or did she?

Thanks for reading along! Hopefully you find one or two books to dive into this winter. It’s the perfect time to cozy up and do some reading. Enjoy!

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