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5 Inexpensive & Easy Kitchen Updates When You Can't Do a Full Remodel

5 Inexpensive & Easy Kitchen Updates When You Can't Do a Full Remodel

Not everyone is in a place to do a full kitchen renovation, I get it...we were there!

Kitchen renovations can be extremely expensive and time consuming. Plus, it’s hard to live without a kitchen for awhile. Take out gets old pretty quick, trust me!

Our kitchen used to be hideous, and I mean it. We lived in it for almost two years while we did other renovations like re-doing our plumbing and electrical, painting all of the walls, etc. It took awhile, but man, was it worth it! If you want to see the full before and after, head to this post where I share the before and after photos.

While you are waiting to totally demolish your kitchen (been there!), here are a few little tips and tricks that we did to spruce up our space for those two years. They don’t cost an arm and a leg, and honestly, that was a big deal for us. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a space that was going to change soon! When I bought things for our kitchen at that time, I thought about basics - things that I could and would use after because of how practical they were. Obviously painting is a great first step (walls, cabinets, and floors). If that is out of your reach or if you’ve already done that and you still need some more sprucing, try looking into these 5 updates.

  1. RUGS

    Man, a new rug can definitely transform a room, no matter the size. We just purchased a new rug for our bedroom and the vibe has completely changed! Kitchen rugs can do the same thing. Rugs can be pricey, but kitchen rugs are normally pretty small and less expensive. If you love our style, we can’t get enough of our small kilim rugs in our shop.

  2. KNOBS

    Wow, I can’t even describe how big of a difference knobs can make. I wish I had a photo of the before and after of when we changed our cabinet knobs. It went from these outdated tarnished silver bars to clean white circle knobs. It really cleaned up the cabinets and didn’t cost more than $12.


    Think - towels, soap dishes/dispensers, jars, utensils, etc. Basically anything that is displayed! These normally fall under $20 each and can last you a long time. Plus, you use them all of the time. Just seeing these new items will cheer you up! It really does help, trust me. Our favorite linen tea towels and ceramic soap dish did the trick for us.

  4. ART

    Photos, vintage paintings, abstract art - whatever you like! Find some amazing photos and add them to your kitchen walls in really beautiful frames. If they don’t fit in your kitchen after your remodel, find a great place for them somewhere else in your home. Art and photos can always be re purposed.


    Lighting can be hard, I get it. We are in the process of looking for some nice and simple light fixtures for our home and it is crazy how much fixtures can cost. IKEA is always a great place to find some inexpensive pieces if you are unsure of what you want or need for your home. They are inexpensive, but they are also pretty modern, which can be really nice when you are working with an extremely outdated kitchen.

Last but not least, if you are waiting for your full kitchen remodel…don’t let it get you down! I’ve been there and I know it can really bring you down when you see photos on social media of people and their beautiful kitchens. Take your time and enjoy where you are currently (easier said than done). Take this time to plan, research and save up for that dream kitchen of yours. It is possible!

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